Association BIOM signs MoU on bird conservation with national electrical distributor – HEP ODS

  • 01.06.2016.


Logotip Udruge BIOM

We are extremely happy to report that on May 12th, a joint Memorandum of Understanding on the issue of bird conservation has been signed between representatives of Association BIOM and HEP ODS, the Croatian national electrical distribution system operator. This is the first time such an agreement has been signed in Croatia between an NGO and national electricity company, and we feel that it represents a huge step forward in mainstreaming bird conservation issues in the energy sector in Croatia.

The MoU aims to reduce the negative impact that medium voltage power lines across Croatia have on birds, in the process improving the robustness of the electrical network in Croatia as well as helping the fulfilment of the utility companies’ legal obligations towards nature protection.

Not to leave it at signatures and handshakes, we already have practical cooperation in the pipeline to identify priority areas for mitigation measures such as insulation and diverters, and we hope to begin implementation as early as this year.