Adriatic Flyway project

  • 01.04.2014.

Adriatic Flyway project is Association BIOM’s project (not to be confused with Euronatur’s Adriatic Flyway project) which will widen the span of the current BIOM activities. Negative population trends of certain species and continuous pressures as poaching, badly positioned wind farms and population decrease of natural prey species urged the need for developed volunteers network. Volunteers will be engaged in monitoring of birds of prey and will be able to actively join conservation actions for birds of prey and their habitats.

Setting three volunteering raptor watch camps and publishing of manual “Identification and monitoring of birds of prey in Croatia” will be first steps towards developed volunteers network and will help us in our research of birds of prey.

Raptor watch camps will take place at Pelješac peninsula and Zrmanja river plateau, in spring 2014, autumn 2014 and spring 2015.

Project is cofinanced by Fond for environment protection and energy efficiency. Partners are Biology students association – BIUS from University of Zagreb and Public Institution Velebit Nature Park.

Crvenonoga vjetruša (mužjak), Falco vespertinus by Dave Curtis (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License) at flickr