11th International Gull Meeting

  • 23.07.2011.

We are happy to announce the next International Gull Meeting that will take place in Zagreb, Croatia from Thursday 16th-Sunday 19th February 2012 and will be organized by NGO BIOM – Association for Biological Research.

The meeting itself will take place at a few localities in Zagreb. Hopefully, we’ll all meet on Thursday afternoon (16.2.). Talks are planned to be held during the whole Friday and on Saturday afternoon.
On Saturday morning (18.2.) we plan a trip to the Jakuševec rubbish dump where we would see up to 20.000 gulls. Most of them will be Black-headed Gulls, but you will also see Common, Yellow-legged, Caspian, Herring, Lesser Black-backed, Great Black-backed Gulls and maybe some more. That’s going to be an opportunity to read lot’s of color and metal ring from all over Europe.

On Sunday we plan to take a cannon netting session with those who are interested.

Trips will start from Hotel Zagreb (http://www.hotelzagreb.com.hr/en/home ) where we found best prices for the participants. However, you are free to choose your own accommodation. We will provide you with a list of hotels upon request. Just across the street of hotel Zagreb is Lake Bundek located where you can see some gulls, swans and other waterfowl. The hotel is also in the vicinity of the rubbish dump, so we wouldn’t lose much time for the trip(s).

During September we’ll send you details of the meeting with all the time tables and prices. Until then you can reach us at igm@biom.hr and all the new information about the meeting can be found on BIOM’s web site www.biom.hr.

Here are some questions that would really help us in calculations and writing the second announcement.

PLEASE FILL AND SEND TO igm@biom.hr before August 31st 2011
Post address:
Probability of participating (%)=
Do you plan to have a talk?
If so, please give us the title and estimated duration of talk:
Do you want to participate in:
Saturday trip to the rubbish tip?
Sunday cannon netting session?

Any additional suggestions or comments are welcome and helpful!

We are looking forward to hear from you and to see you in Zagreb next year!

All the best!
Luka Jurinović & the Croatian IGM team