By checking the analytics data for BIOM’s web site we found out that a small number of our visitors comes looking for a spider present in one of the header photos on our site. Therefore, we prepared a short text with some basic info about the species.

Uroctea durandi Latreille, 1809 is an impressive spider of the mediterranean rockfields. Due to its size (up to 17 mm) and “heavy” look it is often unreasonably feared. It is black in color, with five yellow spots on its rear, which is why it’s often mistaken for the black widow spider (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus). This spider lives in warm and dry areas, where it builds star-shaped dome webs. When prey touches one of the strands connected to the web, the spider very quickly grabs it through one of the six openings on the web.

BIOM’s experts are active in spider research. In the years since its founding BIOM has done inventory projects in several protected areas in Croatia.

Uroctea durandi

Uroctea durandi's spider web