The Association BIOM is a non-profit, voluntary and independent civil society organization involved in nature protection, species and habitats conservation and promotion.

The Association BIOM was founded in 2006. with the main objectives as follows:

  • activities in the field of scientific and professional research and protection of flora,  fauna and habitats
  • awareness raising on biodiversity, habitat endangerment, sustainable development and Biology as a scientific discipline
  • protection of nature and environment
  • protection of wild birds and their habitats

We find the awareness raising on biodiversity endangerment and sustainable development to be a critical step towards effective protection of nature and environment.

We are trying to fulfill stated objectives trough wide array of activities:

  • scientific and technical research  (inventory, protection of species and habitats, bio-monitoring and monitoring of biodiversity)
  • developing scientific and technical studies, baseline studies for the management plans of protected areas, research aiming baseline studies for the species action plans, background research for management plans of the National Ecological network as well as EU NATURA 2000 network
  • professional assistance and consulting
  • updating the Croatian Biodiversity Database
  • educational activities (public lectures, public discussions, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, promotion of biology and natural sciences in public)
  • publication of educational  materials (brochures, leaflets, posters, books, educational tables)
  • interregional and international collaboration with similar organizations